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Ski skincare

“Bluebird skies, crisp air, pure white landscapes, it feels so completely healthy, but this environment can have a powerfully negative effect on your complexion. It’s vital to protect and rehydrate with a powerful hyaluronic acid moisturising formula.”

Dr Asculai Chief Scientist Visible Youth

Mountain air is far purer, with less fine pollutant particles, so it can pass smoothly through our lungs, beautiful breathing for anyone with allergy issues. But conversely the fine air makes it far easier to get sunburn. At altitude the air can also be super-dry and with a chill wind this can inflict serious damage on your complexion.

Into thin air

Studies show that for every 1,000 feet of elevation you’ll experience an 8-10 percent increase in UV intensity. So, at Courchevel’s highest ski resort 1850, you’re exposed to over 18 percent more sunlight than at sea level, while skiing in Aspen at 3,800 feet, you’re exposed to over 30 percent more. Basically, the air is purer so the sun rays are not scattered by pollution or dust particles, and consequently they’re more powerful. Therefore, ensure your base moisturiser has an SPF factor then add and frequently replenish with a powerful sunscreen.

A rejuvenating steam

Straight off the ski slopes and into a sauna or steam room is a soothing ritual and can be beneficial for your complexion. As you sweat it opens your pores which helps your body purge toxins. Sweating also boosts blood circulation, nourishing the skin cells with oxygen and nutrients, resulting in a healthy glow. However after a sauna especially, you will need to rehydrate your skin. Shower, pat dry and apply moisturiser immediately to lock in the water. Also drink plenty of water, this can flush out further toxins, help maintain skin elasticity and tackle puffy eyes.


Mountain air is so dry, when it rises up the slopes it condenses into clouds and loses moisture as snow. This dry air directly effects your skin’s health, sucking moisture out of your complexion. We’ll explain how Visible Youth™ water-based serum and moisturiser will give your skin that hydrating boost but meanwhile you can take steps to humidify your environment. If you’re staying in a hotel, you might request a humidifier, they often have one. Otherwise, two good tips: place a bowl of water by the radiator or leave the door open from the shower so hydrating steam permeates the rest of the room.

Saturate skin with HA

Visible Youth™ Multi-Peptide Super Serum accurately delivers rehydrating HA, which carries an amazing 1000 times its own weight of water. The Skin Tech Lab behind Visible Youth™ identified the ‘Golden Calculation’, this is the optimal weight HA molecule to penetrate the dermis and reach precisely where it is needed, while other HA formulas sit on the skin’s surface.

Pure as the driven snow

Visible Youth™ only uses the purest medical grade HA available in its skincare formulas. The regenerating biomaterial captured in the HA molecule is 100% natural to the body’s make up. The active botanicals that pair with the biomaterial are scientifically tested.

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