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Rehydrate with a powerful Hyaluronic Acid moisturising formula

Summer skin threats


Rehydrate with a powerful Hyaluronic Acid moisturising formula

“Feels wonderful, but summer presents multiple threats to our skin not least splashing and cooling off in the water. It feels counterintuitive but the more water you put on your skin the more you will need to rehydrate with a powerful Hyaluronic Acid moisturising formula.” Dr Asculai Chief Scientist Visible Youth

Sun, sea, chlorine, higher temperatures and air conditioning all create chaos for your skin. However, using powerful Hyaluronic Acid moisturising formula can calm things down.

Highs and lows of sunshine?

Sunlight warms your body, soothes muscles and lifts your spirits. But, expose your skin to the sun for too long and you’re vulnerable to harmful UV and UB rays. UV rays penetrate deeper and break down the collagen in our skin, less collagen means more wrinkles. Meanwhile UB rays with a shorter wavelength, work on the skin’s surface causing sun burn.

The skin does have a built-in sun defence, Melanin, but when too much is produced from prolonged sun exposure, it can result in dark patches or freckles. Hyperpigmentation leads to lines and wrinkles, and more importantly a risk of skin cancer.

Sun’s reach

Even on a cloudy day the sun’s rays are strong enough to burn your skin, so sun screen should always be part of your daily skincare regime. The sun is bright, and its UV rays can pass through glass, so when you’re driving, or even at your desk indoors, you should still wear sunscreen.

Sunscreen or moisturiser first?

The application sequence depends on the sunscreen you’re using. There are those that work inside the skin, absorbing the rays and tackling them with a chemical reaction which should be applied before your moisturiser. The other type is a ‘mineral sunscreen’, which uses zinc oxide and titanium dioxide as a barrier, deflecting the sun from the skin’s surface. It often leaves a white residue on your complexion. This should be applied after your moisturiser.

A drenching in water dehydrates your skin

It’s summer, take a splash in the pool, it’s so refreshing. However, while chlorine protects us from harmful bacteria, it can flush away the protective layer of sebum oils and make our skin more porous. Cast your mind back to your biology classes, and osmosis. Your skin will try to rebalance the concentration difference with the pool water, drawing water molecules away from our skin.

As for the sea, it is natural nourishing skincare, rich in minerals, but because you’re in the sun and sand at the same time, it can leave your skin dry and taut. So, treat your skin afterwards with some Hyaluronic Acid rich moisturising formula to make it feel soft and comfortable again.

Deconditioning air conditioning

As the air conditioning system lowers temperatures it reduces your natural sweat production. Hence, causing a loss of tone and texture as well as a build-up of toxins beneath your skin. Meanwhile, the system is drawing moisture out of the environment, and leaving your skin furiously dry.

Use a water-based, deeply hydrating serum and moisturiser, ideally containing Hyaluronic Acid, for that hydrating boost. These lighter formulas, as opposed to heavier oil-based creams, are far more suitable for hot summer days.

The Hyoglass™ solution


Visible Youth, Hyoglass - Best New Ingredient

Visible Youth, Hyoglass – Best New Ingredient. Pure Beauty Global Awards 2023


The Visible Youth™   daily skin care routine has been specifically designed to provide cumulative and longer acting results. Each product works in synergy to target, lock-in and release its powerful skin health ingredients precisely where wrinkles are formed.

Hyoglass™ technology fuses a pure molecule of medical grade Hyaluronic Acid with Visible Youth’s unique Bioactive Glass, and powerful natural ingredients, for precision delivery into the deeper dermis.

A glorious summer holds many threats for our skin and complexion, it’s time for a turbo charge.

Visible Youth™ Multi-Peptide Super Serum is rapidly absorbed and delivers rehydrating Hyaluronic Acid. It carries an amazing 1000 times its own weight of water. Hyoglass™ fuses the HA with our unique skin regenerating biomaterial, and natural Peptides for precision delivery where they are needed in your deep dermis. Visible Youth is about 60% water and stimulates collagen production, your vital defence with dehydrating, skin-aging sunshine.

Follow the serum with Visible Youth™ Moisture Shield to provide deep lasting hydration and nutrients to the more superficial skin layers. Also seals in deep hydration and protects against environmental aggressors.

Always use a broad-spectrum SPF as part of your daily skincare routine and rehydrate with a powerful Hyaluronic Acid moisturising formula.

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Summer skin threats

Summer skin threats

Sun, sea, chlorine, higher temperatures and air conditioning all create chaos for your skin, but your HA water rich moisturiser can calm things down.