Two brilliant minds behind one pearl drop of skincare.

Regenerative medicine applied to anti-aging skincare

“The future is not just about scientific innovation but also discovering new applications for that science. Just as regenerative biomaterial was a revelation in wound healing medicine before being deployed in skincare, and with outstanding results.” Dr Asculai, Chief Scientist Visible Youth.

Scientific horizons are as boundless as the human desire to explore and innovate. Think of NASA’s tech transfer programme which gave us diminutive sized phone cameras and baby formula. Beyond the original scientific discoveries, the diversity of future applications can be all the more extraordinary, and there are two really fascinating stories behind Visible Youth Skincare.

The first discovery
Intrinsic to the healing power of Visible Youth is a revolutionary biomaterial, a new paradigm in wound healing with the power to reverse the irreversible. It was discovered in 1969 when a young professor called Larry Hench pursued regenerative medicine. He was inspired by returning wounded Vietnam soldiers and his determination to heal. He created Bioglass, a biomaterial, that is 100 % compatible with the human body. It bonds, activates, promotes healing, then dissolves leaving the tissue restored.

The second discovery
Twenty years later, Dr Asculai was researching Hyaluronic Acid (HA) molecule delivery systems to cure pre-cancerous skin lesions. He noticed his patients’ skin had undergone a transformation; the lesions were eliminated but astonishingly at the same time their skin appeared smoother, radiant, more youthful. Ultimately Dr. Asculai combined Hench’s biomaterial, with his own unique patented molecule delivery system to create Hyoglass™, this is the power within Visible Youth.

Naturally beautiful science
Visible Youth’s revolutionary biomaterial, called bioglass, is made up solely of elements that are naturally found in the body – silicon, calcium, sodium, phosphorous and oxygen, and is 100% compatible with all skin types. Its benefits are scientifically proven. It reduces redness caused by UV treatment or chemical skin barrier damage. Crossing over from medicine to skincare we see it protect skin from UV rays and polluting free radicals It also enriches micronutrients, mainly calcium and silica, the building blocks of life, found in collagen.

Regenerating biomaterial in skincare
The Skin Tech Lab is the first to make cosmetic use of these extraordinarily effective skin healing ingredients by combining the unique regenerating biomaterial with optimal weight hyaluronic acid for precision delivery to where wrinkles are formed. That skincare technology is called Hyoglass™.

Science at our heart
The name Visible Youth tells you all you need to know about our skincare goal, a radiant, healthy complexion which defies the passage of time. Achieving this through advanced medical science is at the heart of everything we do.

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