Peptides for first class Eye Care - Visible Youth
Peptides for first class eye care

Peptides for first class Eye Care

“The skin under your eyes is far more delicate than the rest of your complexion, and with every expression and blink we stretch and contract this fine skin, showing signs of ageing more quickly. So an eye serum must be both gentle and powerful, a true multi-tasker”. Dr Asculai, Chief Scientist Visible Youth.

We look at the special care your eyes need from your daily skincare regime to the powerful ingredients, such as Peptides, required for first class eye care.

Peptides in skin repair

Peptides are a powerful ingredient in eye care. They are chains of amino acids, held together with peptide bonds and act as cell signallers that trigger skin repair. There are two peptide subcategories: oligopeptides are smaller than polypeptides and can be more easily absorbed into the skin. Peptides are hard workers in the skincare field: they fight inflammation, as the antioxidants soothe the skin. They protect against free radicals and UV damage. As we get older, we need collagen to strengthen and plump the skin to reduce visible lines. So Peptides have an important role to play in promoting collagen production.

Synthetic and Natural Peptides

Peptides can come from many sources. They can be created synthetically and they can also be harvested naturally from plants. For the Visible Youth formula, Dr Asculai wanted something entirely naturally derived that had undergone studies and were clinically proven – which is why Maca Root and Lupin Seed were the selected active peptides.

Delivering Peptides to where they’re needed.

Whether natural peptides or synthetic peptides, eye serum ingredients are irrelevant if they do not reach the deeper level of the dermis where lines are formed. In Visible Youth Multi Action Eye Serum the peptides and other actives, are captured in a molecule of Hyaluronic Acid which not only permeates the skin but is exactly the right weight to reach the important deeper level of the dermis. This precision delivery is possible because Dr Asculai researched HA molecules for decades to arrive at the ‘Golden Calculation’ for the precise weight required.

How you can care for your eyes

While essential fatty acids like Alfalfa Seed in eye serum’s help support the lipid barrier and cell membrane structure, you also need to include fatty acids in your diet. These can found for example in fish, flaxseeds and avocados. Dark circles and puffiness could be a sign of toxic overload, so drink plenty of water. Darkness may be dilated blood vessels so apply a cold compress to constrict the vessels. You might try extra pillows to stop fluid pools building up in your lower lids which can cause puffiness. Always remove eye make-up before sleep, avoiding all impurities around this delicate area. Protect eyes from UV light with good sunglasses to limit wrinkles. Sleep well to avoid your eyes becoming sore, irritated and puffy.

Eye serum application

Apply eye serum with small pats in an upward motion from the corner of the eye to avoid dragging the delicate skin. Fluid build-up causes bags under the eyes so Lupin Seed Extract is included in Visible Youth Multi-Action Eye Serum to stimulate lymph drainage and improve eye contour, tone and firmness. You can also gently massage the skin under your eyes to improve the circulation and results.

Multi-action for multiple needs

The delicate eye area poses specific challenges, from under-eye circles, crow’s feet, eye bags and fine lines. When choosing eye serum you need to look for something that has a multi-action. Also consider Peptides for first class eye care. The researchers at the Skin Tech Lab built on the Visible Youth skincare technology Hyoglass™, which captures unique regenerating biomaterial in a molecule of hyaluronic acid, and incorporated a formula that is a true a multi-action serum. There are powerful oligopeptides; Lupin Seed Extract to stimulate lymph drainage and reduce bags under the eyes. Also  Maca Root extract for an increase in collagen to plump and reduce lines. And Alfalfa Seed to support the lipid barrier and cell membrane structure.

Finalist Best New Serum

Visible Youth Multi Action Eye Serum. Finalist Best New Serum – Pure Beauty Global Award 2023

FINALIST Pure Beauty Awards LONDON 2023. Multi Action Eye Serum - Best New Serum

FINALIST Pure Beauty Awards LONDON 2023. Multi Action Eye Serum – Best New Serum



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