Visible Youth is honoured to be a finalist for two awards in the Pure Beauty Global Awards 2023.

Pure Beauty Global Awards 2023

Visible Youth is honoured to be a finalist for two awards in the Pure Beauty Global Awards 2023.

• Visible Youth Multi-Action Eye Serum for Best New Serum
• Hyoglass™ for Outstanding Achievement; Best New Ingredient


Best New Serum

Visible Youth Multi-Action Eye Serum combines our patented Hyoglass™ technology with Oligopeptides from Maca Root, collagen stimulating Alfalfa Seed and Lupin Seed Extract. in a lightweight formula for more youthful and refreshed eyes.


Best New Ingredient

Hyoglass™ is the first skincare ingredient to make cosmetic use of two extraordinarily effective skin healing discoveries. Bioglass, a unique regenerating biomaterial and the optimal weight Hyaluronic Acid molecule for precision delivery to where wrinkles are formed.


Hyoglass ™ is the key ingredient in our Multi-Peptide Super Serum, Multi-Action Eye Serum and Moisture Shield.
The creation of Hyoglass ™ is the result of two fascinating stories;

The first discovery
Bioglass was discovered in 1969 when a young professor called Larry Hench pursued regenerative medicine. He was inspired by returning wounded Vietnam soldiers and his determination to heal. He created Bioglass, a biomaterial, that is 100 % compatible with the human body.

The second discovery
Twenty years later, Dr Asculai was researching Hyaluronic Acid molecule delivery systems to cure pre-cancerous skin lesions. He noticed his patients’ skin had undergone a transformation; the lesions were eliminated but astonishingly at the same time their skin appeared smoother, radiant, more youthful. Ultimately Dr. Asculai combined Hench’s biomaterial, with his own unique patented molecule delivery system to create Hyoglass™, this is the power within Visible Youth.

Our special thanks goes to the @purebeautymagazine team at The Pure Beauty Global Awards 2023 who undertook the herculean task of scrutinising the hundreds of applications.

“Each member of the editorial team has tested hundreds of products and spent countless hours spritzing, applying and painting to whittle down to our coveted list. And every day we see products that claim to be the ‘most innovative’, ‘unique’ or ‘the secret to youth’, so we’re well-schooled at cutting through the noise. That’s all without taking in our preferences and professional areas of interest.“



“Everything that goes into the Pure Beauty Global Awards is designed to make your lives easier, to help you stand out from the competition and to reassure consumers that they are spending their hard earned money on products that will work hard for them. The Pure Beauty Global Awards seal is a stamp of our devotion to the industry and our impeccable standards, it’s a badge that we hope is worn with honour.”



“The future is not just about scientific innovation but also discovering new applications for that science. Just as regenerative biomaterial was a revelation in wound healing medicine before being deployed in skincare, and with outstanding results.”

Dr Asculai, Chief Scientist Visible Youth.

We extend our congratulation to all finalists. The winners will be announced live at on online ceremony, taking place on 25th May 2023.




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